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Whether you have 1 or 100 employees we can take the leg work out of paying your staff. From chasing up timesheets and leave forms to processing payment, calculating leave, kiwisaver, PAYE and student loan repayments we can deal with it all for you. Plus we’ll calculate how much you need to pay to the IRD in PAYE, ensure it’s paid on time, avoiding any penalties and reconcile their statements back to your records. Free up your time and office space and hand those timesheets over to us to sort!


Even if you’ve worked a full financial year, you could be owed a refund on overpaid taxes from the IRD. We can liase with your employers and the IRD to ensure you’ve paid the correct tax for the year and if you’ve overpaid we can claim your refund back for you. Plus we can claim back any refunds relating to the last 5 financial years and calculate and claim your refund if you’ve only worked part of the year and are about to leave the country.


Whatever industry you work in we have the expertise you need to ensure you clients are billed accurately and on time. Let us handle the invoicing whilst you enhance the relationship and business you have built with your clients to ensure they keep returning to use your services because we have provided them clear and accurate billing.


Ok, so not everyone pays on time and no one likes asking for money, so let us take on that responsibility for you. Our proven track record of reducing debt will ensure your business cashflow is maintained whilst allowing you to focus on the day to day running and growth of the business.


Finding it hard to keep track of what you owe and who to? Let us worry about prompt payment discounts, late payment penalties, remittance advices and generally making sure you’re paying your bills on time and not paying out a cent more than you need to.


From setting up job codes to ensuring the right cost are on-charged to the right client we can handle it all. We can report back to you on how projects are tracking against the budgeted prices and ensure any variation costs are accurately captured and billed.


Whether you have a board of directors, shareholders or just your other half to report to, every business needs to know how its performing financially throughout the year. We’ll take care of you assets and liabilities, expenses, revenue and capital, and at the end of it you’ll know exactly what profit you’ve made for the month and how your business has performed for the year to date. And even better- if this stuff makes no sense to you, we’ll break it down into normal language and explain where you’re making the most money and where you’re biggest outgoings are.


No matter if this is the first time you’ve had a financial audit or something you’ve experienced before we can take the stress out of the situation for you. Whether you want us to come in and assist your existing accounts staff with their audit preparation or liase with the audit team on your behalf we can handle it all. We have both experienced numerous successful audits and can make the process is smooth and error free, plus implement new financial procedures to ensure your business is safeguarded against fraud and inefficiencies


Our wealth of experience can be adapted to suit any or all of the duties of a Chief Financial Officer but with the added bonus of the flexibility we can offer you. We can offer the completion of monthly management accounts, business advice, financial modelling, budgeting and cash flow management, and ensure you are complying with IRD and customs standards.


For most people, the less they have to do with the IRD the better, but we love it. We can take the stress out of tax returns, work out how much GST you owe, how much you can claim back and compete the return for you. Leave it to us and we’ll take the worry about payment due dates and ensure your business is complaint.


Whether you’re unsure of what your next step as a business should be or where your strengths and weaknesses are currently, we can utilise our experience in order to assess the key areas your business can focus on in order to improve your performance and profit.


Full preparation of your end of year financials including a detailed Profit and Loss report and Balance Sheet, plus a full tax return for the period. We will fully analyse movements in your financial accounts and provide a narration to help you better understand the progress your business has made throughout the financial year.